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Baoding Xinsheng Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic well-known transformer, generator and motor cooling equipment manufacturer, and its predecessor is Baoding Tada Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. established in January 2001, which is jointly invested and established by Baoding Tianwei Group, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Tada Electric Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. In June 2019, Baobian Electric fulfilled the entire equity acquisition and was renamed Baoding Xinsheng Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
        Located at No. 109, Chuangye Road, High-tech Zone, Baoding, the Company covers an area of about 34,700m2, and has the building area of about 15,000m2, and the registered capital of RMB 41,383,841. At the present stage, the leading products of the Company include radiator, air cooler, water cooler and air/hydrogen cooler. The Company has successfully passed the certification of ISO9001 international quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, and is affirmed as the national high-tech enterprise. Besides, the Company has been awarded such honorary titles as Honest Enterprise of Baoding High-tech Zone, Advanced Unit of Work Safety of High-tech Zone, Key Protected Enterprise of Baoding, and Landscape-type Unit of Hebei Province many times.
        Since the establishment, reliant on the technology of Tada Electric Co., Ltd., through years digestion and absorption and improvement, the Company has solid research and development and manufacturing capabilities. By virtue of superior product quality and high-quality after-sales services, the Company has been rated by Baobian Electric, TBEA, Changzhou Toshiba, Shandong Electric Power and other companies as the excellent supplier. In addition, the Company is the one of first batch of qualified suppliers which provide the products and services for the nuclear power enterprises. The Company’s products are widely used in the domestic key large-scale electric power construction projects, including nuclear power, hydropower and extra-high voltage power transmission and transformation, achieving remarkable social and economic benefits. At the same time, the Company’s products find a good sale in Japan, Republic of Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America and other international markets and enjoy a good market reputation and word of mouth at home and abroad.
        Looking into the future, the Company will keep in step with the new times, seize the new opportunities, meet the new challenges, focus on the innovative development, and be committed to becoming a professional, efficient and intelligent domestically leading and internationally first-rate comprehensive cooling equipment supplier, and wholeheartedly provide the high-quality products, outstanding technologies and excellent services for the users. In the meantime, the Company will establish the friendly, collaborative and win-win cooperative relationship with all walks of life, so as to jointly make greater contribution to the social development.

The Development Course
January On January 8, 2001, Baoding Tada Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. was established with approval from the Economic and Trade Commission of Hebei Province.
March On March 31, 2002, the opening ceremony was held.
April In April 2002, the trial production was started.
March In March 2003, the Company passed ISO9001 quality certification.
April On April 24, 2004, Phase II equipment installation and commissioning were completed, and it was officially started in May.
May In May 2004, the Company researched and developed and produced the gas radiator successfully for the first time.
February On February 2, 2005, the Company became a qualified supplier of Qinshan Nuclear Power Station.
December In 2006, the Company was award the title of “Honest Enterprise” at the first meeting of Baoding High-tech Zone.
September In 2007, the Company undertook the underground substation cooling system of Shanghai for the first time and achieved success.
January In 2008, the Company cooperated with Japanese Tada Electric and started the production of water cooler.
January In January 2009, the Company was awarded the title of “Honest Enterprise” at the second meeting of Baoding High-tech Zone.
May In May 2009, the Company was awarded the title of “Enterprise with Good Reputation” of Baoding.
August In August 2010, the Company obtained the land use certificate of plant area.
October In October 2010, the Company passed ISO14001 environmental management system and HSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
November In November 2011, the Company made an application for national high-tech enterprise and achieved success.
March In March 2012, the fourth radiator production line was officially put into production and operation.
July In July 2012, the research and development and trial production of hydrogen cooler succeeded.
December In December 2012, the Company’s equity changed, and the shareholding proportion of Tada Electric increased to 31%.
March In March 2013, the slitting line project was completed and put into production.
November In November 2013, the annual accumulated ordering of water cooler broke 100 sets for the first time.
December In the second half of 2017, the water paint was applied to the cooler products, so as to meet the environmental protection requirements.
August In August 2018, the Company fulfilled the partial equity transfer. Baoding Tianwei Group (one of the shareholders of the Company) transferred 49% equities in the Company entirely to Baobian Electric.
June On June 10, 2019, the Company fulfilled the equity change. At the same time, the Company was renamed Baoding Xinsheng Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
June In June 2020, the Company achieved important breakthroughs in the market development, and the air cooler products won the bids massively, which made a breakthrough in the market performance.

Honor of Qualification

XinSheng with the high quality service, by the industry and the wide recognition and praise of users, the industry leader

Team Elegant Demeanour

Since its production in 2002, by virtue of excellent product quality, strong technical advantages, and good after-sales services, Xinsheng Company has a good reputation in the electric power industry. Its products are supplied to Baoding Tianwei, TBEA Hengyang, Shenyang, Xi’an Xidian Transformer, Shandong Tebian, Yunnan Transformer and other medium and large-sized transformer enterprises. In addition, the products are supplied to Toshiba, ABB, Siemens and other joint ventures. In February 2005, the Company became one of the first batch of qualified suppliers for nuclear power station construction in China, and smoothly entered the nuclear power market. Besides, the Company’s products are directly sold to Japan, Republic of Koreaand DPRK. Meanwhile, they are used in the transformer products, which finds a good sale in the USA, India, Southeast Asia, Sudan, Nigeria, Iceland, Russia, Australia and other countries and regions, and the Company has achieved good sales performance.

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