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Gas Radiator
Product Introduction

The gas radiator is a new product researched and developed as SF6 gas insulated transformer appears. By virtue of the introduction of foreign advanced fully-automatic production line and production inspection process, such product has such advantages as compact structure, large cooling area, and high intensity and is popular with the users at home and abroad.

The plate spacing of our gas radiator is 38mm, the gas collecting tube adopts DN150, the cooling plate width is 460mm, and the plate thickness is 1.0mm. In the meantime, the concave-convex structure in the unit plate has increased the product cooling area and gas volume held by the gas radiator and improved the product cooling efficiency and can meet the needs of gas transformer. The gas cooling plate is made by continuous punch forming and is characterized by simple production process and high production efficiency. The cooling plate has good airtightness and intensity, and can reduce the risk of SF6 gas leakage to the greatest extent and improve the product quality. The internal leakage test way for our gas radiator is water leakage test (0.25Mpa, 1h). Such leakage test way can detect the leakage point to the greatest extent, guarantee the product airtightness and reduce the losses due to the gas leakage.

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