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Underground Substation Cooling System
Product Introduction

With the rapid economic development and constant expansion of urban size, the downtown has such features as dense population, high load density and constantly increasing electric power demand. In the city center, the land is expensive. In order to reduce the substation floor area and noise pollution, more and more substations in the downtown are constructed underground. As the transformer body of underground substation is placed underground, it is required to transmit the heat of large underground transformer body to the cooling system, and then the heat is diffused by the cooling system into the air, so as to meet the transformer cooling requirements.

In the traditional underground substation project, the underground transformer and surface radiator are directly connected. The transformer oil tank has to bear the high oil pressure due to the height difference, which easily causes the sealing structure leakage and accident. Based on the features of underground substation, Baoding Xinsheng Company has developed the oil/oil step new cooling system and oil/water step new cooling system for the underground transformer. The transformer and the cooling system are two independent units. The high oil pressure due to the height pressure will only act on the cooling system, but has no effects on the transformer. These two cooling systems can meet the safety and cooling requirements of underground transformer.

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