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With the rigorous work attitude, to create first-class products. With excellent after-sales service, obtains the user final approval

Product Solutions
Product solutions

Baoding Xinsheng Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. is comprehensive cooling equipment company covering design, research, development, production, manufacturing, testing, and after-sales service. The company has a strong R&D team, professional production, testing, sales personnel and a perfect after-sales service team, satisfying all your design and quality requirements. With many years of experience in the design, research and development, the company has developed and manufactured many key products such as wind cooler, double-tube water cooler, and air cooler. The company’s all products have been approved by the third-party inspection agency.


Within the scope of the traditional products, we can provide you with industry leading technology solutions; In non-traditional product range, can provide electricity cooling according to your demand for you DIY custom development. Company strong technical research and development strength, advanced test level, high quality assurance and after-sales service has been acclaimed, enable customers to have reason to believe that we can provide a reasonable design, good quality, after all the high quality products. New - the company is committed to promoting electric cooling industry overall development, is willing to work with clients in need to solve the cooling problem.

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