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Backpack Air-water Cooler
Product Introduction

On the basis the air cooler and the transformer cooler,BTCC has successfully developed the backpack air-wate cooler for dry-type transfomers.Now the product has been installed on dry-type transformers of the offshore wind turbinenacelle cover to ensure that transfomers of our clients can operate securely.

For the offshore wind power generation,the dry-type transformer is mostly installed inside the nacelle cover,and the backpack air-water cooler is fitted on the dry-type transformer box.The heat generated from the dry-type transformer coil heats the surrounding air.The hot air enters the cooler through the centrifugal fan for cooling and the cooled air gets in the transformer to cool the transformer coil.

The backpack air-water cooler is mainly composed of three parts,namely fan,air box,and cooler.The fan that is mounted on the top of the air box extracts the hot air released from the top of the transformer and the air gets into the cooler through the external air box.After being cooled by the cooler,the hot air comes back to the transformer inside.

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