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Water Cooler
Product Introduction

    Before the double tube water cooler appears, the transformer adopts the single tube water cooler. In the design of forced oil circulating water cooler of the transformer, for the sake of transformer safety, the pressure on the oil side in the water cooler should be higher than that on the water side generally, so as to prevent the cooling water from entering the transformer inside due to the corrosion and leakage of cooling tube and prevent any risk. However, since the actualities are complicated, it is difficult to reduce the pressure on the cooling water side sometimes, and the oil pressure may not necessarily be higher than the water pressure.

Our double tube water cooler can easily deal with the abovementioned circumstance. In case of any leakage, the cooling water will not enter the transformer oil. Through the gap between two tubes, it is collected to the leakage detector, and the warning signal is released in time. Therefore, the oil pressure and water pressure no longer restrict each other, and the water pressure may be greater than the oil pressure.

Our water cooling system is the unit combination structure with double tube water cooler body as the center, realizes the simple installation and easy maintenance and point inspection and further improves the reliability. Thanks to the extremely low failure rate, the product is widely adopted by the major electric power companies in the world. This product is especially applicable for the underground substation, power station and other sites where the cooling water pressure is high, and has high reliability.

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