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The wind cooler
Product Introduction

It is the product optimization design by Baoding Xinsheng Company based on the latest research results. This product has adopted the heat transfer technology of enhanced cooling medium, cooling fin and steel tube expanded joint technology and mature low noise technology.

The air cooler has simple and compact structure, good airtightness, small pressure loss of transformer oil way, large fin cooling area, low noise, and strong cooling capacity, and it is in the leading position and deeply praised by the customers. Baoding Xinsheng Company introduces the foreign advanced cooler design software, and can carry out the cooler stepless design based on the user demands. The cooling capacity, pressure loss of oil way and noise value can be combined at will. The scheme with best cost performance can be provided for the users within a short time, and the overall costs of transformer cooling system are reduced.

At present, the air cooler of Xinsheng Company has been widely used in the domestic and foreign power stations, substations, nuclear power stations and other sites. In particular, the product has much performance in the nuclear power project, direct current project, extra-high voltage project, convertor station project and offshore wind power project. The Company provides strong technical support and product services for China’s power transmission and transformation industry.

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